The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics==>[TOP 10 RED FLAGS]

The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics==>[TOP 10 RED FLAGS]




Welcome to my article about The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics.

No, you are not crazy, so don’t think there’s something wrong with you. As a former employee, I can definitely relate with the confusion currently going on in your mind, and I’m here to help you figure out what is actually happening. I’m known by my family and close friends as one who usually doesn’t compromise. And even though finding my way out through difficult situations has been my strongest suit ever since I was young, I have come to realize that not everyone can get past that barrier without breaking down, especially when it comes to their job and employment. Do you always have that sick feeling in your stomach each time you are getting ready to go to work? If that’s the case, there’s a high probability that your working environment is toxic. How would you know? I’ve assembled The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics in this article for your information. You should watch out for these TOP 10 RED FLAGS.





From my personal and humble perspective, a toxic work environment is one that is capable of slowly but steadily releasing toxic and dangerous vibrations in small quanties into your life.

This intoxication subtly takes place in small dosages which are seemingly impossible to identify in the beginning (because we are very excited about our new position and career), but whose cumulative effects, in the long run, can cause very undesirable and destructive outcomes, with the major one being depression and lack of self-confidence.

The most dangerous part about a toxic work environment is that it affects your very own life and existence because it’s consistent intoxication will yield sour fruits only in the long run. And it could take even much longer to undo what a toxic work environment has done to your personality.

That’s why it’s important to identify such an environment right from the onset, and take necessary measures to avoid this slow poisoning process as much as possible.

Go to the next section for more details of the top 10 red flags of a toxic work environment.




Always feeling depressed and intimidated in and out of work? I can almost hear you ask,

But what has it got to do with work?

Would it be surprising if I told you that your work environment has got absolutely everything to do with your depression? It might not be the case with you, but it’s absolutely true for the vast majority.

Come to think of it.

How much time do you spend at work? If my definition of 9-5 (nine-to-five) is correct (which represents the standard working hours for the 9-5 employee), it means a working schedule that starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

And that definition excludes how many days you work in a week! Normally we are supposed to work 5 days per week, but you and I know that we often go far beyond those 5 days and literally wished a week was made of 10 days instead.


If your work environment is slowly but steadily becoming awkward, then here are Top 10 RED FLAGS to quickly identify The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics and take appropriate measures to brace yourself for uncertainties.


#1First Red Flag: You Don’t Want To Go To Work When Its Time 


Are you literally dragging yourself out of bed every morning? It’s definitely a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. This is a high risk that your work environment is toxic.

Why should you drag yourself out of bed? What are you afraid of? If it ain’t fun, then don’t do it. This is true today more than ever before, and it applies to everything you do.

Ok now. I’m not saying that what is fun is ”easy”. Please don’t get confused. Have you ever worked on a project for 48 hours, and it felt like you barely started because of the boost of energy you are still feeling?

That’s how your job should make you feel. If you rather feel that your job is squeezing the life out of you, that is a huge red flag!!

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#2Second Red Flag: Others Are Receiving Promotions And You Are Not


This is another red flag you shouldn’t ignore especially if you have been working for some time and exceeded the required period needed to move up the ladder.

I’ve had the singular privilege to work with close to 100 companies throughout my entire career in the finance sector. Being a bilingual Consultant practicing in both the French and English languages was definitely to my advantage.

I was able to mingle with people from all works of life, and I’ve made a variety of friends as well, who confided in me about their negative personal career experiences. The bitter truth was that almost all of the time, I found enough hard proof while verifying the books of the company in question.

Internal regulations would stipulate a specific period of time to be spent in a particular grade. It could be only two years for instance, but an employee will literally spend five to six years with no advancement.

And companies have become very creative in dealing with such cases. Go to the next point to see what they do.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.

#3Third Red Flag: New Grades Are Created Every Year To Accommodate Employees Who Are No Longer Wanted!


If this strategy is not sneaky and manipulative, then I don’t know what to call it.

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a position at a company whose career advancement plan has been designed to make sure that you get no further than your junior status.

Internal regulations clearly stipulate that you are supposed to move one step up after the first 2 years. Guess what. When you take a closer look at the subgrades within the junior grade, you see about 4 different levels.

A position which is supposed to take only 2 years to move to the senior level, finally takes 6 years or more. Every year a new junior-level is created, and if you just happen to be one of those employees that the company is trying to get rid of in a polite way, don’t be surprised to find yourself rotating within all these junior levels.

This is a huge red flag of the toxic nature of that working environment. If you discover that this strategy has been implemented where you are currently working, chances are that you have started a journey down the road of depression.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#4Fourth Red Flag: New Recruits Are Given Supervisory Positions Over You Even Though You Trained Them All The Way Up


If you notice this irregularity, know that you are dealing with a potentially toxic work environment, even though the problem might not directly pertain to you.

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t change career status for donkey years, even though they continue to train youngsters, who eventually become their supervisors?

Would you think it’s their personal decision to maintain the status quo while others just move past them, and then look back to give them instructions to execute? If you find this strategy bizarre, you are right because it’s absolutely a red flag to consider if you want to pursue any long term career path in that company.

This strategy is an excellent recipe for a very unhealthy work environment.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#5Fifth Red Flag: When You Need A GodFather To Advance…


…It means corruption is at its peak, so put your credentials aside and play the game, or just start working your way out by applying to more ethical companies.

I’ve come across companies where if you don’t know someone who knows someone’s dad’s uncle’s sister’s dog, then don’t waste your time. Don’t even try to understand the previous sentence because I don’t understand it myself.

What I’m saying is this: your technical expertise does not really matter here. What matters is your connection! That definitely means others will have total control over your future career with this company. So irrespective of how hard you work or whether you deserve it, your promotion will depend on other forbidden things and behaviors.

It’s in companies like this that unethical relationships are at their peak. Low self-esteem staff will submit to any BS just to ensure that they continue to climb up the ladder.

So if you want your true worth to take you to the set heights you have fixed for yourself, it’s high time to quickly understand that your current work environment is highly toxic and will not in any way help you to achieve the goals that your expertise deserve.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#6Sixth Red Flag: You Are Not Allowed To Take Your Holidays When Its Due 


I need you to take this point with a grain of salt, why?

Because even though the majority of companies would ensure that employees take their leave on time, I’ve still come across certain companies who brainwash their employees into believing that sacrificing your holidays is proof that you love your job.

So they make you wrongly think that if you honor your holidays, someone else who is more ambitious could replace you. So when the time comes, these employees negotiate and receive payments in compensation for the holiday they did not take.

On the flip side, employees who willingly decide never to take their holidays, irrespective of reminders from the administrative department, is a call for concern. It is a huge red flag that they are hiding something which will be discovered while they are away.

Hard to believe but it happens.

Have you noticed these bizarre facts in your current working environment? If so, you are dealing with a potentially toxic work environment.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.



#7Seventh Red Flag: Your Health Is Failing Rather Quickly


Your body can’t take the physical and psychological reconditioning anymore. It starts to break down.

First, you think it’s fatigue and exhaustion. You take some time off and feel much better, but as soon as you resume, the symptoms all come rushing back. These are the long term effects of the slow poisoning that has been taking place throughout your career.

The hospitals will always find a term to describe your condition, but deep down, you know what is killing you. You start moving from one psychologist to another, and your expenditures fly over the roof!

Which unfortunately will not help. Targeting the root cause of your current health status and dealing with it will make recovery speedy, and if your work is the culprit, you have to plan to quit your job.

Staying in your comfort zone wouldn’t make you feel much better, but taking action will give you a new purpose and mission to work towards.

All of this would have been avoided, provided you were able to detect the toxic work environment characteristics right from the very beginning.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#8Eighth Red Flag: You Save Nothing At The End Of The Month


How much are you saving each month? Or how much will you be able to save?

If you save that amount for the next 15 years everything being equal, will you be able to secure your retirement?

If you are not able to answer the questions above, either you look for additional sources of income, or you get another job that will help you secure your retirement. I personally consider this point to be one of the toxic work environment characteristics.

When you accept your low pay and become very comfortable with it, it’s only a matter of time before you realize that settling was the worse decision ever. Take advantage while you are still young and youthful, and use your energy to secure your old age.

Don’t wait until the last minute. I don’t need to remind you how we human beings transform at old age: weak, fragile, tired and several health complications. You don’t want to reach this stage and start looking for extra sources of income.

The time to take action is now, by determining whether your current position can secure your future.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#9Ninth Red Flag: What Are Your Plans For Retirement? Does The Thought Of It Scare You?


A bit of this topic was mentioned above.

If your current job is not helping you secure your retirement, but yet you work 9-5, 7 days per week, when will you actually start thinking about that stage of your life that we so often neglect?

Let me make something clear here. If your current position is only a side hustle, then there is no big deal.

But if we are talking about a career you are building, which you have been building for years, you should definitely sit back and reflect to determine whether if you continue to work under such conditions, you will be able to retire and live a comfortable old age.

If not, then you are dealing with a subtle toxic work environment with no plans for your future. Let me explain why I use the word ”subtle”.

I will use a very simple example. There are many companies out there who value their external reputation more than anything else and will go to the extent of cutting down salaries just to fund advertisement campaigns.

In the eyes of the world, you are working for a very famous brand, but deep inside you, you are bleeding mercilessly, because your reality has got absolutely nothing to do with that of the company.

Mind you. If you decide to change companies, there will be a lot of people that will say that you are making a huge mistake, because ”they think” you are doing well. But don’t forget the fact that the story is yours and only you know where the shoe hurts. So if you let others dictate what you have to write, you have only yourself to blame in the future.

That’s why I refer to such companies as having a subtle toxic work environment. When you look around the company, it is so beautifully and expensively furnished. All this will have a serious impact on your psychology and make you think twice if you ever want to call it quits, even though deep down you know that it is the right thing to do.

So it will take someone with character to bypass these beautiful camouflages and think straight.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#10Tenth Red Flag: Subtle Occultic Affiliations


No one talks about these things, and I totally understand. Not only are these topics sensitive in nature, their existence is quite hard to prove.

But the truth is, they are real.

The world is so full of evil, and the sooner we understand this fact, the easier it becomes for us to identify them as they really are in broad daylight.

Some companies actually require that you get involved in some secret circles to access huge financial breakthroughs, and the conditions of adhering are appalling. If it smells fishy, it is. Don’t think your mind is playing tricks on you.

If you start getting invitations to join some secret clubs reserved only for select people, HUH!! Please think twice. Not only has this environment become a potentially toxic working place, but it has also become potentially deadly as well.

That’s all I will say for this point.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.




The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics==>[TOP 10 RED FLAGS]
The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics==>[TOP 10 RED FLAGS]

This article has covered only a tip of the iceberg with regards to the toxic work environment characteristics.

There are hundreds of red flags and if you have started feeling low for whatever reason, especially when it comes to your job, it might be time to start planning your way out and looking for better alternatives that will make you wanna get up every single morning.

Plan Your Way Out 

Whether you just started at your new position, or you have been working for years already, it takes a well thought out strategy to quit from a job. You don’t just run away without any Plan B to lean on.

This Is My Best Recommendation==>Start An Ethical Online Business Through Affiliate Marketing

What I recommend for professionals who wish to completely change the dynamics of their income, is to start a side hustle by creating an online business that is capable of completely replacing their salary in the long run.

Only one business model comes to mind when I think of what to recommend to a professional like you: Affiliate Marketing.

Depending on how much time you can allocate to your new venture, you would be able to quit your job sooner than you thought. This concept is very relative as it depends on the amount of time you are willing to put into your business. So the sooner you start one, the better. But once it’s mature, don’t be surprised if you start making 5 times your salary.

With an online business, you can continue working on it during your spare time, in your office, at break hours, etc. Running an online business is incredibly flexible, and it will not affect your main working schedule in any way.

Another advantage is that it will help to alleviate the current stress being imposed by your current position and hope for a better future, especially when you remain consistent in building your online asset.

Unlike getting a new job, you can start an online business right away. To prove it to you, click on the link below and check out the best place to start building your new online asset as soon as you join. You will not be alone on this journey, as you have direct access to over 1 million online entrepreneurs who are currently building and striving online.


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These programs, as well as many others, make promises they don’t fulfill. But when you check out the platform I personally recommend, you will find me personally waiting for you on the other side.

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Now you know some of the toxic work environment characteristics. The question is: ”What Are You Going To Do Now?”

If you want my take, start a viable side hustle that will help you generate a substantial amount of income online. Not only will it be a reliable second source of income, but it is incredibly flexible and will not collide with your main work in any way.

This is where you need to go if you truly care about making it work and owning an online asset that will sustain you financially in your retirement era.

I hope you found my article informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to The Toxic Work Environment Characteristics.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌


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