1st Report – Getting To 1 Year Online



This is my very first report about my online journey and it’s already getting to 1 year. WOW!! How time flies!!!

I believe that this initiative about documenting my journey is very important for my own sake. I want to watch my business grow, track all the mistakes I made, as well as the achievements. Who knows, this could eventually end up in a book, in the long run, to prove that the journey to success, is a rugged, long and painful one, requiring a lot of patience and reiterated efforts.



Starting My Business Online

I made the decision to start an online business in August 2017.Ā  So it’s been exactly 1 year and really nothing to write about? Hmmmmm Of course, no one ever approved of this, simply due to the fact that the majority of people who actually start a business online, either give up or fail woefully!!! Will I just corroborate past trends with my own experience, or will I make a difference?

I’ve been online for 1 year now, and still no results?! Should I Bother?

Not one bit. It’s only been one year and must remember that this is a long-term project, so no hard feelings here. The struggle definitely continues!!! What I should rather do, is find out where I had it all wrong. So thankful, I got a successful member, my favorite online business mentor, who has a similar online journey as me,Ā  review my website and pinpoint some of the things I was doing completely wrong.

But before I get into the details of where I’ve been messing up for about a year now, I think it’s important to also capture a bit of my past experience.



Meaningless Working Life

YES. I was done with office work, long hectic working hours, the endless interrogations as to why I was not achieving any breakthrough success with my 10-year career path, and the more I thought about retirement, the more I knew I was not in any way making any preparations for that era.

What was I doing wrong?

Deep down inside, I knew I couldn’t make it with my current career, it was so obvious. If 10 years haven’t contributed to add any value to my life while going to school and working, thenĀ the next 10 years wouldn’t make any difference, if I continued down this same path, doing one and the same thing.



Many people get stuck with their job at a certain point in time in their lives. They also have this gut feeling that something is not right with their job. Deep down inside, they know that they are on the wrong path, but the courage to make a move is what they don’t have.

If you are currently having conflictingĀ feelings toward your job, then I strongly recommend that you take a look at these ?RED FLAGS ?Ā which are subtly indicating that it’s time to quit that daily routine.

And that is what I did. I quit, and for a couple of months, I was just resting and thinking of nothing else.




Starting In August 2017

When I felt it was time to move on, my quest for the best method to make money online from the comfort of my bedroom started.Ā  I didn’t want anything to do with office anymore. I wanted to be my own boss!

Somehow along the way, I got allured into MLM line of business. What the heck was I thinking? I started with FOREVER LIVING and realized a lot of 1-on-1 encounters was needed. It didn’t even ring a bell in my head, that this business was millions a miles from what I actually wanted. I started and failed woefully!!!!

As if the first lesson wasn’t enough, I got attracted to yet another MLM, LONGRICH. These networks are just all over the place. But luckily enough for me this time around, I attended a few seminars and got bored. I decided to let go one more time, thankfully without having spent some money.

And the third MLM, OCEAN AVENUE came my way again. These guys got a way around words. Was it brainwashing or was it me just being dumb? I seriously can’t tell the difference. I got so interested in the third MLM that I was actually preparing to take a loan to start it when the unthinkable happened…





And for the first time, after several months, I had the breakthrough moment I was looking for…






So with my new discovery, I disappeared from the surface of the earth. LOL. I had to get to work and set up my online business. I said goodbye to MLMs and emerged myself in a completely new world of knowledge and excitement, a true path to the success I envisioned when I was much younger, and a great way to prepare forĀ retirement.




Welcome To My New World!

Yaaaay!!!!!! I finally found the solution to becoming my own boss and making money online while working from the comfort of my home. And my motivation levels escalated once again. I had never before experienced this boost of energy for the last 6 years. With a true path to success now set right in front of me, I’m determined more than ever before to walk it and make things happen.


The long path to success has begun. Within the first 3 months, this is what I accomplished:

==> I created my online business on a subdomain. And then when I was sure of what I wanted my business to be all about, I bought my new domain name. I was really so fortunate that domain name was still available, and most of them in that category had already been taken away.

==> I learned how to create blog posts, understood the dynamics of making money online, set up my website, learned how to create images for my posts, and just so much going on.

==> I’ve learned how to rank on the first page of Google for any keywords I choose. This is my strongest asset so far as at now. No other achievement surpasses this one.

==> Then I discovered that the learning process was never going to end.




Conclusion On My First Report

There is one major lesson I learned while I was writing this first report.Ā  Never ever give up on your dreams. Just take the example of this short story I’ve presented here about finding the ultimate solution to make money online. It took months to find something really good, and I had to even falter along the way by losing some money to one MLM company.

But that didn’t stop me from searching and hoping. I consider this to be a major proof that if you seek, you shall find, when you know, the door shall be opened for you.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t really mentioned for how long we are supposed to seek or remain standing at the door knocking. But all of us have received an order which must be executed to the best of our ability. Never ever give up because it was already prophesied by our Lord, that the outcome of seeking and knocking, is receiving whatever we are looking for.




Do you wish to know where I messed up during my first year online? Watch out for my next report!

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