2nd Report ==> The First Self-Evaluation I Made On My Website!



What To Expect In This Second Report

Yes, I know you are expecting me to start dishing out all the review points from my experienced mentor, right? Remember that this review came 1 year after I started out, and before then, I had carried out a lot of evaluations on several occasions myself, and repeatedly. Had it been I didn’t take the time to continually check out what I did previously, while I grew in knowledge, the review made by my mentor would have most probably been a catastrophe for me.

Just so you know, she actually applauded my work and pinpointed where I had to brush up the more. Let me tell you what I did right, and why she gave me some credits for my young website.





Timing Of My First Self-Evaluation

I made the very first self-evaluation 4 months after I created my second website – December 2017. That’s right. I dumped the first website I started on financial freedom. I was still a novice¬†and had absolutely no idea what I was doing in the beginning.

There is something about starting any endeavor. Once you break that ice cold barrier to START and actually START DOING, then the rest of the journey will be revealed to you progressively. And as time goes by, you acquire more skills and start thinking of perfecting what you already started. So you always have to be in a state of DOING  and not WONDERING WHETHER TO DO, because the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

After creating my second website, and had it reviewed by me after 4 months, this is what I found.





Findings Of My First Self-Evaluation

When I looked back after four months, this is what I found:


==>My homepage was very childish. What the heck… I didn’t believe I was the one who actually did it.

==>My website was very difficult to navigate

==>The majority of my published posts had no purpose.

==>I had spent way too much time creating my own photos. Anyway, I didn’t quite regret this particular skill I learned because Google loves very uniques photos too, and the ones I designed myself, ended up ranking with the other top-ranking pictures, on Google’s first page.

But I really had to spend less time designing these pictures.


How I wished I was smart enough at that time to have taken pictures of my first homepage for documentation purposes. This would have been really exciting and lovely to track my progress. Anyway, the idea came only after 1 year.

No need and time to regret.





First Action Taken

==>I transformed my homepage into something completely new. 


In the beginning, it was just a list of blogs I had on my homepage, arranged in order of the most recently published. I didn’t find this quite catchy to the eye, and unique, as almost everyone was doing exactly the same thing. I love uniqueness¬† (and Google loves it too ?LOL). So I had to find a way to make my website look different.

And guess what?? I did it. I made my landing page a success story (that’s what I thought at that time) and loved all the pictures I used. Thank God I had my landing page captured this time around. Take a look at the picture below, of the very first landing page I designed with uniqueness.



SB'S Progress So Far: 2nd Report


Sorry, you can only see the very first picture. It was quite a list of about 7 beautifully designed pictures I made myself, arranged on my homepage using Widgets.

When I was done with my homepage, I was proud indeed. I loved the direction my website was taking, and I was getting more and more comfortable with the business I was building. I had the motivation to wake up every morning and come to my young baby who had an evidently bright future.



Second Action Taken

==>I then proceeded to surround my entire website with borders.


I was looking for a way to structure the appearance of my content. If you must have noticed by now, I have spent a lot of time on the design of my website. This side of things was not really obvious to me.

I didn’t like the fact that a simple WordPress dashboard did not give us the option to draw border lines along our text. I badly needed this feature since most of my posts were extremely long. I was looking for a way to make it readable, enjoyable and neat, without the reader feeling threatened by the length of my contents.

I desperately needed borders. I finally found some codes online, had them installed on my website, and before I knew it, the entire website had borders, even my headers. This is not what I wanted, but considering the fact that all my contents had borders aligning them and making them look really nice, for some time, I was satisfied.



Third Action Taken

==>I deleted a significant number of Irrelevant old posts that had no purpose on my website.


After 4 months with my new website, the direction it was taking was becoming very clear by now, and this new awareness rendered a significant number of my posts completely irrelevant.

Whoever said starting an online business was easy? But the good news is at the 4 months mark, the midst around my eyes was clearing up, and so my self-confidence with regards to the outcome of my website was beginning to pick up.

So I gathered courage, went through all my posts, and deleted almost half!! Some of them had already been indexed and ranked by Google, but that’s not what I want for my business. I’m thinking long-term and providing content with a difference. Content which is helpful and mature. One with intent for the readers, and above all, one that can provide solutions.

You want your audience to read your content, bookmark it, and return to it later. And gathering from my experience online, and the knowledge growth which had taken place for four months, I knew my content was not yet ready to fulfill that purpose.

Mindful of the fact that my content still needed a lot of work to be done, I had the majority of them eliminated!!!! at 4 months old. And I was glad I did it. I returned to the remaining ones and did all I could to redeem them, by adding more content and optimizing them in whatever way I could, and to the best of the knowledge, I had acquired within four months.

NB. Just so you know. The redemptions is still in process.


Fourth Action Taken

==>I restructured my menus as well.


Ah!!!! In the beginning, the notion of menus was one I didn’t want to read or talk about. It appeared to be so difficult and farfetched. It was so confusing for me to grasp that I decided I wasn’t going to tackle anything menu-related. I guess that’s one of the main reasons why I contented myself with the list of blogs on my front page.

But at the 4 months mark, my eyes opened!! Wooow!!!! I went back to the menu training courses, took them all over again and finally had the click in my head.

With the training, I principally learned to create the homepage menu and to insert menu items from my posts and pages. It seems there was still so much to learn about using menus, but at this time, I was very contented with only these two key concepts I grasped.

Without wasting any more time, I returned to my website, and completely changed the menu structure and contents. The new structure is what you see on that image above.

And when I was done setting up my new menus, I was very happy and proud and applauded myself.





To Conclude...

For the next couple of months which followed, my anxiety with regards to the design of my content reduced, and I started focusing on adding more content to my website. Overall, I was very satisfied with where things were heading.

And when I had accumulated more knowledge and awareness with regards to how a successful website should be created and run, by spying on other successful websites in the same niche as mine, then I knew it was time for a second SELF-EVALUATION.

This happened 5 months after my first self-evaluation, May 2018.

And the interesting things I discovered, were really mind-blowing. I discovered a completely new way of making my website irresistible to read for my audience. And the proof? I watched the behavior of my readers using Google Analytics during the period I was implementing those changes, and the results just left me breathless.



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