How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You==>[07 ALARMING SIGNALS]

How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You==>[07 ALARMING SIGNALS]




Welcome to my article about How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You.

When I succeeded to secure my very first internship as a Masters student, at a famous Telecommunication company in my country at that time, Ericsson, this was a really big deal for me, because the opportunity was nothing short of extraordinary. Needless to say, I was very careful about executing all my tasks properly, as my internship could eventually result in permanent employment in the future, and a good resume (since as I was still schooling, there was a high probability that I was going to return to complete my masters studies, which I did). Everything was moving smoothly until I started noticing some very unusual behaviors of my direct boss, the CFO. Oh no, what had happened? What did I do wrong? I felt stressed up during that period trying to figure out my new reality. I was there thinking, ”Why did she suddenly hate me?” Well, I got this covered below because I was able to eventually decipher what was happening, and I believe that my experience will help you too. So continue reading to find out How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You, by discovering the 07 Alarming Signals which I have elaborated further down.



How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You==>[07 ALARMING SIGNALS]
It might not be a hate campaign after all. Don’t be quick to judge.

Before you draw the conclusion about the existence of a potential hate campaign, there are certain things you need to consider before adopting a mindset that will lead you down the road of hallucinations.

I know what I’m talking about because it stems from personal experience.

I mentioned in my introductory paragraph that I noticed some sudden changes with my Lady CFO who had right up to that time, considered me as a younger sister and treated me as such. So what are the things you first need to consider before you become absolutely certain that there’s a hate campaign going on?

  • Female Bosses Are Inherently Complicated To Manage. As a woman, I must admit that we have our moments, and can be very unpredictable. Forgive us, but a lot of factors can make us change moods like the weather. A perfect example is Our month-end periods. Some women are fortunate to have never experienced the cramps that come with this ”natural crisis period”. So if you are working under the direct leadership of a female boss who suddenly, and out of the blue changes attitudes one morning, don’t be too surprised and freak out. Rather give her space and watch from a distance. If she comes back to normal within a couple of days, then good for you. There was nothing to worry about.
  • Most people find it difficult to handle work stress, especially women. It’s very true that certain people are given leadership roles because they can handle stress among other things. But in exceptional circumstances, the competence cannot simply be ignored. Such candidates are given bossy roles while recommending that they continue to improve on their other weaknesses. If your boss is one of such competent supervisors who cannot handle stress, then brace up for moments when work stress is at its peak. So a sudden and temporal change in attitude does not necessarily mean that your boss hates you.
  • Your boss might be dealing with personal issues. Again, give the required space and watch from a distance.


I could go on listing them all.

What am I trying to say? Don’t quickly jump into conclusions and start becoming hysterical. Here is some advice I will give to you as bonus tips for dealing with stressful circumstances like that. They all worked for me and I hope that they will work for you as well:

  • Make positive affirmations about your boss.  When I noticed that my lady CFO had changed tremendously which lasted for days, every time I felt overwhelmed, I would go to the restroom (during working hours that is permissible. Make sure you don’t land into trouble because you read from my blog that you could go out of the company to do what I recommend) and make positive affirmations. This is exactly what I said, ”I love my boss, I love my job, my boss loves me, everyone loves me, everyone wants me to succeed, etc…”’ I did that consistently for days, and suddenly she became my best friend again, out of the blue. Up to now, I’ve never understood what happened. Perhaps she was going through some kind of a reporting problem, or maybe personal issues. I’ve never figured it out up to today.
  • Make a bold move. Reach out to your boss and ask if he/she’s ok. This will definitely melt their heart. But you should be as respectful as possible. Tell them that if they need any help, you would be willing to help out, because you have noticed that they are seemingly not doing ok. This is very possible in a friendly work environment, so before you implement this strategy, you should first evaluate the nature of your workplace to make sure that you are not dealing with a toxic work environment. In which case, please content yourself with only positive declarations or you switch to Plan B right away.

So how do you tell if your boss hates you? Go to the next section.





It’s an awful feeling to harness as an employee. Have you noticed some sudden unpleasant changes about your boss? Here is How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You. Check out the 07 alarming signals below.


#1First Signal: A Sudden Change In Attitude ”WHICH PERSISTS”


This is a huge red flag that something aien’t right.

I’ve already mentioned above that bosses often go through a period of crises as well, just like any other person, but if this lasts several days, which eventually transforms into weeks and maybe months, yes you absolutely need to worry.

Now the boss who used to be friendly, loving, attentive to your problems, etc, just continues to ignore you, even though you have observed that this attitude is only adopted when it comes to you.

With the other employees, your boss is happy, but when it comes to you, it’s a total turn off.

What You Should Do In Such A Situation

In a friendly work environment, kindly request to meet your boss and explain your worries. Tell him/her that if there was something you did wrong, you would be very happy to correct that. If he plays cool but yet continues to distance himself much longer, you might want to start having second thoughts about your current job.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#2Second Signal: Your Counseling Sessions Are No Longer Honest And Open


Certain companies have embedded counseling as a fundamental part of employee growth and advancement, and if it just so happens that the one who has suddenly started ignoring you, is your counselor, then you are in for trouble.

Counseling sessions are supposed to be interactive, open and honest, but if that’s not the case, then it’s a huge signal that your position is at stake.

I’ve had some of my colleagues talk to me about some of their experiences during their counseling sessions. And their counselors happened to have had some attitude before their meeting.

The counseling session was cold, evasive, brief and no room for any exchange. It actually had to do with promotions, and this is what the counselor of an employee told his employee:

You are technically competent, but there is something wrong with you.

And the counselor left the meeting, leaving the counselee more confused and baffled. What other more effective ways exist than what this counselor did, to tell an employee that he no longer matters in the company? This is was a clear signal of hate.

The meeting didn’t last longer than 5 minutes. What would you do in such a situation?

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.

#3Third Signal: Others Get Promotions And Pay Raises During The Period, But You Don’t 


Bosses always mingle among themselves and discuss members of the lower hierarchy and which one to pull up the ladder.

So if by any chance, you have noticed that one of your bosses doesn’t just get along with you, then you should start to suspect why others are getting promotions and raises and you are not.

While this might not be the case in some instances, I’ve come to realize, especially in company settings, that the most important information is not usually spoken out loud. You would have to decipher most of the time.

You cannot really expect someone, especially your boss, whom you suspect hates you, to openly tell you his true feelings. You would only need to observe your environment and link the dots. When was the last time you received a promotion? An open conversation?

What to do next?

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#4Fourth Signal: Intentional Avoidance And Lack Of Eye Contact


This one is the most obvious signals.

You try to reach out to your boss, he is always too busy to make out time for your request to see him. Even when you meet on the corridors, he pretends not to take note, even though you are trying desperately to create eye contact.

It continues and goes on.

This is not a coincidence and if that attitude continues for months, then what’s the point?

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#5Fifth Signal: Your Reviews Are A Little Over The Top And Difficult To Implement


This is applicable to employees whose reports are subject to scrutiny from their direct supervisor before being forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

The complication comes in when that direct supervisor of yours is one who is exhibiting some characteristics of hate towards you. How would he objectively review your work without letting his hate emotions get in the way?

If you discover that he/she criticizes every paragraph of your report, and endlessly makes requests for you to change things here and there, then you have to understand that something is going on here.

Other supervisors who have no hard feelings against you, would definitely ensure that their reviews are as comprehensive as possible, but their tactic would be quite different.

So are you persistently having review issues with a particular supervisor which is affecting your progress in the company?

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.


#6Sixth Signal: You Get Nothing But Negative Feedback During Administrative Meetings 


How often does your name come up during disciplinary council meetings? What happens when you are called up? Are you able to justify yourself every time you are called upon?

If that’s the case, then someone who really hates you is trying to set you up. And even if you know the person, the very fact that he/she is always trying to get you in trouble in vain is a huge sign that he/she means your downfall.

If you are tired of playing this cat and rat race, especially when you had endeavored to take appropriate measures to sort things out as mentioned above, then it’s high time you start taking this red signal very seriously.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.



#7Seventh Signal: In Extremely Rare Cases, Your Boss Will Tell You Upfront To Find A New Job 


If you are that type who finds it difficult to read between the lines, then this might even come as good news for you.

But the company world does not work that way. How many bosses would even think of doing that? It’s more complicated than just ignoring you altogether.

The dance is completely different if you have clearly violated one of the company procedures, in which case you are given disciplinary sanctions, and subsequently fired if it persists

But when you have done absolutely nothing wrong, and your head suddenly becomes unpleasing in the sight of certain people, especially your boss, you would have to start thinking of plan B.

This is what I strongly recommend you should do next.




Once you have reasonable proof that your boss hates you, you should take full control by making the following decisions:

  • Decide whether it’s worth talking things out with your boss. This would be the best alternative for everyone involved and if everything goes as planned, your work-life would return to normal;
  • If it’s absolutely impossible to have a friendly chat with your boss, especially in a very difficult work environment, determine whether you can continue living with that stress (which I do not really recommend), and find a strategy to help you out. One of those strategies could be engaging in other opportunities out of the company that will help you deal with the stress and think less of it. I’m not talking about activities that will affect your performance in your current position. Since you have already identified that there’s something wrong you should be extremely careful not to break any rules. A great example would be starting a side hustle online, with great potentials of even helping you to gain financial independence and leave that hypertensive environment. Being the professional that you already are, you have to continue in this light and engage in only professional activities with huge potentials for financial growth. This is my #1 recommendation for a side hustle that will give you hope in a rather desperate situation.
  • Start planning your way out because your work environment is no longer healthy for you.



Don’t just jump straight to conclude that your boss hates you. People have personal issues at times. Your heroes at your workplace are also human beings. They too have the right to behave as such from time to time. Evaluate the circumstances to determine whether it’s just a one-off inconsistency or some new persistent behaviors which need attention on your part.

If you are able to assert that your boss truly hates you, using some of the guidelines discussed in great detail above, you should definitely devise a strategy to deal with this new uncomfortable situation, which has also been discussed above.

One of my recommendations, however, especially if you still want to keep your job, is to start a side hustle and set yourself new goals to look forward to. This would alleviate the stress you are experiencing, and make you perform better at work despite everything.

I hope you found my article informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to How To Tell If Your Boss Hates You

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌


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