Don’t Quit Just Yet==>Do These 07 Things First!

How To Quit From A Job 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don't Regret




Welcome to my article which elaborates the 07 Tips Related To How To Quit From A Job.

This particular question is one of the most relevant and most frequently asked questions coming especially from full-time 9-5 employees today. And only the courageous start asking themselves such questions when they come to a bitter realization that their current job or career is not moving towards the anticipated direction. So congratulations on your inquiries on how to make that move the right way. I was once in your shoes and asked myself the exact same question. I followed a few steps which worked pretty well and has been working for me up to today. So here is How To Quit From A Job Using These 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Regret.




How To Quit From A Job 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don't Regret
You Need Plan B To Cater For Bills

That’s right. You read it right. There are bills you need to take care of, so before you decide to quit, make sure that you have plan B to fall back to. If not, then don’t.

This article is not about reminding you of the legal procedures. You can always find them using your company’s internal procedures which is always made available to everyone upon employment.

The company’s official website will also contain more relevant information.

That said, this article is about your personal preparedness before you even initiate the official process, and there’s way much to be done at this level. Trust me on this. Have you been wondering about How To Quit From That Job? It’s perfectly normal, especially in our digital era. But don’t just leap. You need to scout the horizon first before jumping to avoid breaking your legs.

I’m going to share with you the steps I followed before quitting my 9-7 job, which has helped me up to today. Here are 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Regret after quitting your job.



#1First Tip: Remind Yourself About Your Set Goals


You might probably be thinking that this step is irrelevant, but if you don’t know it yet, this is where your self-consciousness actually comes back to life. This step will give you solid reasons to either stay or quit.

So what does it mean to remind yourself about your set goals?

Using myself as an example, when I started having thoughts of quitting my former position, I decided to take one weekend just to think of what I’d always wanted to become, in terms of finances, freedom. working schedule, personal health and fitness, and so much more.

All those elevating ambitions came back to mind:

  • I wanted to travel a lot especially on my own terms (this opportunity was available at my company, but reserved only for a selected few);
  • My financial goals were far too ambitious, and they still are;
  • I wanted to visit beautiful places around the world on my own terms;
  • Retire without having to worry about where the income would come from to sustain me during that period;
  • And so much more.

This is actually what you should be thinking of at this stage of self-preparations. Just bring back all those precious dreams you had in the past. You would need them in the next section.

Go there now.


#2Second Tip: Put Pen To Paper And Do Some Math With Your Current Salary


Things are getting more interesting and factual.

Now it’s time to come back to reality and understand better where you actually are, and whether or not you are on the right path to those ambitions you revisited in the previous section.

It’s alright to pick up a simple calculator, but if you have some more advanced tools, that would be fine too.  I used a simple calculator.

What is important here is that you should use them to capture the following indicators for decision-making purposes:

  • Your monthly salary extrapolated to 10 or 15 years. You can take into account future promotions, but don’t be too ambitious here, since these decisions do not depend on you. To be on a safer side, assume the same amount of salary for the next 15 years. You can make slight additions, but that would totally depend on you;
  • Your monthly expenditures. Be exhaustive as possible: utilities, health, gas, water, transportation, feeding, clothing, heating, etc… If you are a woman, you would have more special needs. We know ourselves better. Also, extrapolate to the next 15 or 20 years.
  • How much can you save on a monthly basis for the next 15 to 20 years? You have a calculator. Punch it and get some figures. This is your life we are talking about.

Seriously, those are the only three things I considered when I was trying to decide about quitting my job. Nothing complicated.

Remember that those expenditures will vary from one person to another. Others give a lot to charity, take care of their siblings besides their own children, etc…

Make sure to take all that into account, plus other additional sources of income which have not been mentioned here. Once you get the complete picture of your income and expenses, then determine how much you can save every month, and extrapolate to the next 15 to 20 years.

So what’s the big deal with the savings? Go to the next section to find out.

#3Third Tip: Compare Your Calculations To Your Set Goals


Now you should focus on the amount you think you would be able to save for the next 15 to 20 years. That’s what you should be looking at right now.


Make sure to answer that question honestly. As easy as it may sound, you should take it very seriously.

Do you see any consistent trends? Are your savings consistent with your ambitions? Would you be able to use your savings to live the life you had always wanted to build?

Or do you see yourself in more debts, and the utmost necessity to get another job after retirement? This is another thing many people don’t consider==>retirement. Our bodies would be tired, weak and maybe even sick by the time we retire. So don’t extrapolate and include the possibility that you would get another job during retirement.

That would be a fatal error on your part.


#4Fourth Tip: Decide Whether Or Not You Are On The Right Path 


In fact, if you have just discovered that your savings will not help you at all, then you should start making moves to quit your job. That’s right. I didn’t say ”Quit”. I said:

…start making moves to quit

When I asked myself this question, that was the moment I realized that I had been marking time for the past 10 years. If only regretting could change things, I would have regretted.

That notwithstanding, I had accumulated a ton of valuable experience during my career as a Financial Statement Auditor, but it was time to turn the page. My preparations began.

Go to the next section to see what I did.



#5Fifth Tip: Plan Your Departure. Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet. 

How To Quit From A Job 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don't Regret
How To Quit From A Job 07 Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Regret


That’s right. You definitely cannot dive right now into imminent unemployment. That will only make things worse. You got to start asking pertinent questions like:

  • How do I pay for bills without a regular income?

  • Where will I stay?

  • How will I feed myself and my family?

  • Etc Etc Etc…

I was very fortunate to have a place to stay, and some minimum rental income from one of the properties we had rented out. With this strict minimum, I could only take care of feeding and basic necessities, as well as invest in Plan B. It was just sufficient. I was convinced that my investment wouldn’t fail me, and I was right. I had just taken the first step towards my financial freedom in the long run.

My life changed drastically. I mean:

  • No more going out with friends;
  • No more expensive lunches;
  • No more shopping;
  • No more eating outside

Damn. It was at this stage of my life that I understood the value of $1. I also realized that we always cling to so many things that we don’t even need. LOL. My survivor instincts were at their peak.

More on this in the following section.

But it’s most likely that the majority might not have these privileges that I was fortunate to have. If that’s your situation, then you have to to start working on Plan B, while you are still at your current job.

Honestly, there is no other way. There’s good news though. Your current desire to quit will give you new motivation, and push you to work even harder, in order to quit as soon as possible.


#6Sixth Tip: When Your Plan B Comes To Maturity, Then Follow The Stipulated Procedures To Resign. Get A New Job Or Start An Online Business


What Plan B are we talking about? There are many options:

  • Start applying for jobs secretly, that will help you meet your life’s goals;
  • Take appropriate courses that will enable you to get promotions in your current company;
  • Apply for a pay raise

To be honest with you, if you have already determined that your current company is not able to pay the type of salary that would enable you to live your life on your own terms, it’s very unlikely that other companies would be able to meet your expectations.

This is what you should do instead.


This Is My Best Recommendation For You

You should definitely consider starting an online business because the potentials are limitless. Here are some of the reasons why an online business is a wonderful alternative to your job and a perfect Plan B:

  • Incredibly flexible. You can build it on the fly during your break time, while on the train, even in your office. Take advantage of all your idle time and plan your way out of our current situation;
  • It saves more time, compared to applying for new jobs and attending interviews;
  • The skills you will acquire are in high demand today, meaning starting an online business will surely open many more opportunities;
  • Huge earnings potentials. This is just the best advantage. The amount of money you earn depends on the extent of your ambitions.

Take advantage of your free time to make your online business grow, and once it’s capable of generating sufficient income to quit your job, do just that.


What Online Business Should You Start?

Please, I need you to understand something very important here.

I will not spend your time and mine, recommending opportunities that will give you only chicken change at the end of the day. I know that you currently earn a salary, so I will recommend only opportunities that will help you double your salary, or even multiply it many times over if you want to.

So if you want to start an online business, affiliate marketing is your best shot.

I started affiliate marketing 7 months after I quit my job, and today, I’m earning full-time thanks to a training platform that taught me everything I needed to know about affiliate marketing.


So stay away from other online making opportunities such as:

Surveys. Examples include:

MLM. Examples include:

Outright Scams include:

I could go on listing them. You will spend a ton of time (which you don’t have) completing tasks and earning $1 at the end of the day.

Affiliate Marketing was the path I followed and since then, I’ve not looked back. Starting a viable online business today is one of the surest paths to financial independence and a stress-free retirement era.

In fact, the sooner you start one the better.

It doesn’t mean that if you are already retired, you are finished. Absolutely not. You still have the chance to make it right and start all over, just like Colonel Sanders did with KFC at the age of 65.

When your Plan B matures, you can then officially resign from your current position.


#7Seventh Tip: Enjoy Your New Path


Once you start your Plan B, make sure to always focus on your goals and keep long term. It is the only way to keep the motivation going so that sooner or later, you will finally fire that job for good.




If you want to quit your job, make sure you do the following:

  • First, remind yourself of your target/life goals
  • Come to terms with your actual reality by putting pen to paper and doing some calculations. Nothing complicated here.
  • Compare your goals with your current reality;
  • Determine whether you are on the right track;
  • Plan your departure if it comes to that. Don’t just quit. More details in this article above;
  • When your plan comes to maturity, officially resign using stipulated internal procedures;
  • Enjoy your new path.

If online business through affiliate marketing is the path you have decided to pursue, which I strongly recommend by the way,

I hope you found my article informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to How To Quit From A Job.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌


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