How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES




Some people might think that it’s very easy to get a book cover done. To some extent, this is 100% correct! All you need to do is get your images from free platforms such as Pixabay and Canva, add some texts, and then upload them to some free 3D generator online, and it’s done. That’s exactly what I did with the image you see above. Further down this article we will use the same image and add some stunning effects with some tips.

But you see, there is another group of people who are not satisfied with the generic images, and want more customized results to fit their complex ideas. If you are one of such, then you will find some really great tips included in this article. These are people who dismantle generic images and come up with something completely new, and this extra step, my friend, is what makes them stand out with their book covers. Continue reading to learn How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES



a. Resources Needed

You will need free stock image websites, such as the ones below:

Canva is my top recommendation if you just want to use ready-made images. In fact, this is where you start your search. They have a ton of exceptional quality book cover graphics that you can just select and start adding text. And they are freaking awesome.

Another advantage of Canva is that these covers already have the right dimension for your book cover projects. In fact, whenever I wish to create a specific project, an Instagram picture, for instance, I always go to Canva first. Standard dimensions are respected by Canva, and seriously, I don’t see any other competitor yet to take the place of Canva. These guides are already miles ahead of their competitors.

But if you go through their available stock of images and still in want of something special, then you would have to resort to other websites such as Pixabay and the following as well:

Among the 3 recommendations above, only Pixaby and Canva have graphics free of charge. I was trying to check out other sources whey you could find awesome images, and it turns out that you already have some of the best listed here. Free Stocks does not even offer graphics, and while I Stock Photos includes this option, you literally have to pay for every graphics.

That’s not even the bad news. IT’S INSANELY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!

I recently downloaded some beautiful butterfly graphics from Pixabay (which you will soon discover), FREE OF CHARGE, but look how much they cost at I Stock Photos:


Make sure whenever you start looking for extra images outside Canva, ALWAYS START WITH PIXABAY, as it appears to be one of the few that offer images in various types such as Vectors, Graphics, etc. PLUS THEY ARE FREE!!!! So for the same keyword, you can get normal images and graphics results. Just select the option you are looking for.

For those who wish to create more dynamic 3D book covers, take note of this because you would be using a lot of graphics.



b. Procedure

To make a simple 3D book cover, use the following steps:

==> First Step: Login to Canva and select Book Covers. 

Check out the image below for more details:

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

==> Step Two: Select Your Desired Image And Edit As Shown On The Image Below

==> Step 3: Download Image And Save As PNG For High Quality

==> Step 4: Upload Image Into A 3D Book Cover Generator

My top recommendation is the DIY Book Covers.

All you would have to do is visit that website where you will find a dozen of single and composite templates. Select the one you like and follow no-brainer instructions.

You would be required to upload the image you saved from Canva at some point. Once it’s done, download your book cover, either as a PNG or JPG depending on its intended use.

Check out the image below:

==> Step 5: Recommended: Reduce The Image Sive Even Further To Better Optimize The Book Cover If You Wish To Upload It To Your Website

My #1 recommendation to optimize your images would be EZ GIF, a multi-purpose platform that can carry out several media files tasks on your behalf, ranging from optimizing the sizes of several types of media files to helping you to create your own GIFS!

I optimized my book cover with this platform, and here are the finished results!!!

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

Simple, yet looking amazing. I wonder what you say when you discover the more customized versions of book covers. But before we get there, here are additional recommended platforms where you can find amazing 3D templates:

These two websites are excellent because they provide book cover templates for immediate use. The number of templates, however, is very limited, but if you want to use them for your personal business, they should be enough with a bit of creativity applied.

With these two platforms combined, you have access to approximately 40 templates you can play with FREE OF CHARGE. This is really not bad, I must admit, given that you don’t get to spend a cent.

But if you like more options, then be prepared to learn how to create these 3D covers yourself, or simply pay the price if you don’t want to do it yourself. As for me, I will learn how to create them myself when I get more time, but right now, I have none.

Sooner or later you will understand why your every second counts online.

Time for more customized 3d book covers.




#2.Learn How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES – A STEP BY STEP GUIDE✌


In this section, I will take your hand, and walk you through the creation of customized images for your 3D book covers, using existing ones from the websites I listed above.

Don’t you worry, I will include them here again whenever necessary to make you understand better.

Let’s get started.




#2.1.?First Step: Identifying The Graphics You Want For Your 3D Book Cover?

This is the phase where you start looking for raw materials based on what you are about to create.

In our case study, we want to create a customized 3D book cover for the beginner with no technical experience, using a step by step guide. That should trigger the types of images you want to appear on your book cover.

Plus make sure you get graphics and not images. Do you remember the simple 3D book cover at the beginning of this article? The graphics you see here is one of the images I will use.

I’ve also identified some beautiful butterfly graphics from Pixabay, which I have downloaded and saved as PNG. In the creation process, we use the best possible quality of images, but once we are done, we download the final copy as a JPG file.

So this first step will depend on your creativity, and what you want. But to help you decide, make sure to understand the purpose of the book cover.

Related Resources

  • Pixabay to select the graphics you need.
  • Canva as well, for more graphics options.



#2.2.The Second Step ==> Assemble Your Graphics Together


This is the phase where you come up with something completely brand new. You bring all the graphic together and position them in such a way that they make sense.

This is how to go about it:

  • First, open a new Word document or notepad. I prefer the note pad.
  • Second, make a screenshot of a portion of that empty page using Sreenpresso, which can fit your graphic
  • Third, import all the graphics you saved on the computer using Screenpresso, and rearrange them images together.

Check out the image below for what I’m talking about:

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

Did you notice the improvements to my initial image? If you did not, let me spell them out so that you can clearly see:

  • I’ve tactically added 3 butterflies on my initial graphics;
  • Also, notice the two orange borders to add some flavor;

All these additions were made thanks to Screenpresso. And guess what? You can equally add the text of your book cover with Screenpresso without having to go to Canva because tons of different font styles are included as well. That’s what I did.

So what’s the next step? Go to the next section.

Related Resources

  • A word document or a notepad
  • A screenshot tool, most preferably Screenpresso.




#2.3The Third Step ==> Head Over To Canva And Grab Some Important Details

As soon as you are done editing with Screenpresso, you have to edit the image size to that of a standard Book Cover. Don’t freak out because you don’t need to know it offhand. Just go to Canva as I showed you above, and search for Book Cover. When displayed, make sure to write down those dimensions. Book Cover dimensions as registered by Canva are 1410px X 2250px

Once you have these figures, head back to where you saved it on your computer. Right click on it and choose ”Edit”. Check out the rest of the steps on the image below:

How To Create A 3D Book Cover With STUNNING EFFECTS Using Only FREE RESOURCES

When you are done with all the steps above, click on ”OK”, and the ”SAVE” icon at the top left of that screen. And this is the image you will upload to the DIY Book Covers platform, for the creation of your 3D Book Cover.

Let’s check it out in the next section.



#2.4.The Fourth Step ==> Upload To You 3D Book Cover Platform 

Remember to always download the highest quality format ever, with PNG. The steps are similar to those of the simple cover we discussed above, only that this time around, its your customized book cover we are talking about.

I uploaded to DIY Book Covers platform, followed the simple 3 steps and our 3D Book Cover was finally ready. Check it out below:

This is the point where you finally download as a JPG format to save space.

When you let your creativity run wild, you can truly come up with amazing things.




Be guided by your creativity and be capable of creating 3D Book Covers With Stunning Effects, because the resources are all available for free, with little or no tehchnical experience required.


If you need more information with regards to the practical implementation of the steps above, please leave a comment below and I’d be delighted to respond as soon as possible.



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