How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE✌

How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE


?‍♀️Hello, and welcome to this article on How To Check Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And Remove Them For Free.

You see, having had the opportunity to encounter and review one product, by name WP Backlink Machine V2, I was very disappointed and felt compelled to carry out further research about backlinks and how to eliminate the toxic ones that will hurt my website. Why? Because WP Backlinks is all about intelligently and automatically spamming websites, linking to them directly and obtaining link juice, which is of course, good for the SEO of the spamming website, but a complete suicide to the websites offering such link juices.

So I undertook a journey to look for solutions to protect my website from SEO cancer viruses such as WP Backlink Machine V2. I’ve ignored auditing my backlinks ever since I started my business online because I thought it was complicated. I was grossly mistaken!! (well if you have been online for some time) Thanks to this new SEO cancer virus, I deemed it necessary to get this topic thrashed once and for all. Luckily enough, my mission wasn’t undertaken in vain, because I finally learned How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE.


These are advanced techniques, and should not be implemented if you are still new online. Read for your information purposes and keep it handy. You will know exactly when to use this information, but that time is not now.



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You can Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE using the Google Search Console Links Tools. I don’t know if it’s because the new console makes it insanely easy, or that I was just too determined to get this sorted out. All I know is that if you have never considered cleaning your backlinks, then this is the time. Links from spammy websites still significantly affect your SEO today, and you want to have total control over who links to you.




I will take you through the entire process of identifying and dealing with toxic backlinks.

Read on to learn more about How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE



hunt backlinks hackers down

When talking about backlinks here, I’m referring to all inbound links from external sources pointing to your domain.

Inbound links or backlinks are very important for SEO purposes, there’s no doubt about that. However, some of them are just the exact opposite and will ruin your website within a short space of time, if you don’t dissociate your website from these negative backlinks.

For the sake of making money online, many dishonest marketers are coming with solutions that can temporarily benefit both the users and marketers. But the sad news is that those solutions hurt targeted websites.

A perfect example is WP Backlink Machine V2, a new product by Ankur Shukla, that was designed to literally spam your websites. This product is my main motivation for writing this article because I was determined to find a solution that would completely locate and disavow all queries from automated backlinking solutions like WP Backlink Machine V2.

There are several solutions out there to facilitate the process of identifying and eliminating toxic backlinks, but they are more often than not, insanely expensive!! The good news is that you can handle this problem free of charge if you are determined to clean up your backlinks.

The process is a lengthy one, but not complicated. So be warned upfront that using the free method will take much time than paid solutions.

I just used it to clean up my backlinks, and to be candid with you, I felt a sense of pride and fulfillment when it was all done. That’s why I’m able to write this article to show you How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And Remove Them For Free.

It’s time to take a look at the types of backlinks that are considered toxic and detrimental to your website.



1.0Types Of Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To The SEO Of Your Website✌

a. Spammy Links

These are links usually generated by automatic solutions, such as the one I just mentioned above. And because the main purpose of these solutions is to help their users get rapid results without putting in the required effort, users always go the extra mile, and spam websites with so many links.

They are very easy to identify using the solution which I will discuss further down.

b. Links With Bizzare Domain Names

There are some domain names that are outrightly awkward!

And when you start digging deeper, to determine whether the link is trustworthy or not, there are significant chances that the majority of them don’t need to be linked to your website at all.

You will see this clearly demonstrated using clear examples further down. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this now.


c. Links Ending With …XYZ, …CLICKS

You also want to check out for the majority of domains ending with …XYZ, CLICKS.

They are most likely going to be low-quality sites to avoid at all costs.

d. Low Domain Authority Sites

While it’s obvious that most of the spammy websites will have low domain authority, there are other genuine websites that have low domain authority as well.

The thing is when you have so many of these low domain authority websites linking to yours, they will rapidly sink you down if you don’t consistently monitor your backlinks.

I will disclose to you in just a moment, the tool I use to check domain authority, as well as my personal criteria for the elimination selection process.


e. Sites That Are Not Related To Your Niche At All

Getting inbound links from sites in the same niche as yours also greatly helps with the SEO of your website.

When you start cleaning up your backlinks, you will encounter sites with high domain authority linking to yours, but which are completely irrelevant to your niche altogether.

What would you do in such a case?

When a low domain authority website links to yours, and you discover it’s not related to your niche, this is easy to sort out.

But it becomes a real dilemma when the linking site in question has high authority. Be prepared to deal with this dilemma because chances are that you will come across many of them.


f. Leaving Your Website URL When Commenting On Irrelevant Niche Websites

This point is closely linked to point ”e” above.

The comments section of each website always allows the commenter the possibility to leave their website URLs. So if you come across a very interesting article online, which has got absolutely nothing to do with your niche, and you decide to leave a comment. Make sure not to leave your URL when asked. Because that will be a source of an inbound link to your website from an irrelevant source.

I remember when I just started out, and I loved the idea of leaving comments on websites. I always made sure I left the URL of my website after commenting. How I wished I knew better at that time. Anyway, it’s part of the learning process.

Now when checking out my backlinks, I realized that many of them were coming from the comments sections of the websites I had visited over a year ago. I’m in the Make Money Online niche, but the sites I visited were from a vast variety of niches such as health, nutrition, mental health, etc, etc…

Needless to say, these are not relevant to my website and should be taken down completely, which I did.




1.1?Procedure Related With Each Type Of Backlink?


As you will soon discover, the free method that Google Search Console offers is through the use of its disavow tool.

You would have to prepare a special.txt document having the list of the domains you wish to disavow.

But before you even proceed to prepare that list, you should exercise a lot of caution, because there is a recommended procedure you need to implement before disavowing links.

Here is what I recommend for the different types of toxic backlinks identified above:

Links ”a-c”

With links ”a-c”, you can proceed to disavow without making any request to the website owners. In fact most of them would be inaccessible.

My logic here is very simple, especially for the spammy websites: the owners are exercising bad faith by deliberately spamming and hurting your SEO.

So why request their permission to disavow them? You should instead report them when you get the chance to.

Links ”d-f”

Most of the websites falling within this category are very genuine and trustworthy, even though they don’t still meet your standards.

So the most appropriate thing to do here would be to make a formal request and address it to the webmasters concerned, kindly requesting that they take down the links and stop linking to your websites.

When you exhaust all possible amicable means of getting their links down in vain, then using the disavow tool should be the last resort. You should proceed to disavow immediately with a free conscience.

With regards to ”f’‘, you should watch out where you leave your website URLs online.



1.2How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO With My #1 Solution

The #1 solution, known as the Google Search Console links tool, will help you to check for backlinks which are hurtful to your SEO.

To identify this functionality, you would have to be logged in to your New Google Search Console Account. Once inside the dashboard, you access the links tool following the steps presented in the image below:


How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE

Once you are logged into the new Google Search Console, go right down to the ”links” section and click on it, and the information on the 3rd step will be displayed.

I didn’t use this tool with the old Google Search Console for backlinking purposes, but I find that the linking results displayed are just awesome with the new tool.

As you can see from the image above, the links section displays the following information:

  • You external links
  • The top linking sites from external sources, as well as your
  • Internal linking structure. This information is not represented on the image above, but it’s displayed to the far right of the screen.

In order to check for backlinks which are hurtful to your SEO, you would have to click on the last section: Top Linking Sites

I can almost hear you asking why we can’t start with External links. What you should understand is that External Links and Top Linking Sites have the exact same information, but presented differently.

The main difference is that with the External Links option, you will first be taken to the top linking pages, on which you would have to click to see the sites linking to those pages.

With Top Linking Sites, on the contrary, you get all the sites displayed for your search to start immediately. This is the starting point when it comes to checking for bad backlinks.

When you click on Top Linking Sites (on MORE), the following information is displayed:

How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE

You can click on each line to get more details, but that wouldn’t be necessary as we have already identified the linking sites for our checking procedure to begin. Plus you need more time to get into the Knitty Gritty of the process.

??This is where the heavy lifting begins, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee or some fruit juice.??

The process is purely manual, and depending on the type of hurtful backlinks you are trying to identify, this is how you go about it.



1?Identify The Good Backlinks Which Are Obvious?

I’m referring to the platforms that are popularly known. They include Blogspot, Pinterest, Reddit, Bloglovin,, etc etc…

You should actually expect to see these sites here if you have been regularly posting on there.


2How To Check For Spammy Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To You SEO?

This one is very obvious as it can be spotted with just a glance if we understand how the figures are read. Let me show you.

Take a look at the image below:

How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And REMOVE THEM FOR FREE


Ulaznice has sent up to 47 backlinks to only 4 different URLs on my website, averaging 11 different links per page. This is too much.

Same with Tuulia, sending up to 33 backlinks to only 5 different pages on my website, averaging 6 links per page. this is also too much linking which is spam-related.

Now that we have the spam culprits, it’s time to confirm our analysis. How do we go about this? By visiting the respective sites. As simple as that.


Confirming is simply visiting the site.

Either you copy and paste the link on another browser, or you hover your mouse pointer over the site concerned, and you will be shown an arrow pointing outwards.

Click on it and you will be taken to the respective sites.

I checked out Ulaznice, and this is what I found.  Refer to the image below:

You can see from the image above that our analysis of Ulaznice being a spam site was right. We visited it and there was nothing there.

Once you are certain this is spam, then manually create a .txt file and update it with this domain name. I will tell you its use once you are done identifying those links that should be disavowed.

Update Your Disavow List

Manually Update Your .txt For Links To Be Disavowed.

Concerning the structure of the .txt file, which should be readable by Google, check out the image below:

All you have to do is open a notepad document, and use the above format to present backlinks to be disavowed.

Observer that the https:// has been completely removed and replaced by domain:

If you need more guidelines on how to prepare your disavow list, then check this Google Support Article with respect to disavowing links. More details have been provided here.

We are done with spammy links. Let’s go to the next type.



3How To Check For Bizzare Domain Names Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To You SEO?

These are also very easy to spot, as they will normally appear as a foreign bizarre language.

Let’s check out some examples below:



You can see from the image above that twitur, twipu and hdvd9 are all bizarre.

Plus the first 2 have some traces of being spam websites. Twitur has sent up to 18 backlinks to only 3 of my webpages, averaging 6 links per page. This is not normal.

To satisfy our curiosity with respect to the nature of these links, you have to proceed to confirmation immediately by checking out the sites in question.


This is what I found. See image below for twitur:

My curiosity led me to check out this domain name on Google but found nothing. Another red flag. Now I will resort to check out its domain authority using a free tool designed for that purpose: Website Authority Checker.

The Authority Checker tool displayed an SSL connect error for that domain name. Red flag #3.

Same issues with

When I tried to visit site, I received a message saying its IP Address could not be found.

Do you see what it takes to manually audit your backlinks? Yes, you need to be very patient, dynamic and flexible. Look for sufficient evidence which proves that a site must be disavowed.

Search it on Google, use domain authority checker sites, just make sure that when you disavow a link, you are happy you did.

Update Your Disavow List With The New Bad Bccklinks! 


4Do Same With The Rest Of The Backlinks Mentioned Above Which Can Hurt The SEO Of Your Website?

Continue to audit your backlinks using the procedures discussed above.

There are some sites that will appear really normal. Whenever and wherever you have any doubts, do not hesitate by visiting the site. It’s only by visiting that you will be able to determine whether a backlink is relevant to your niche or not.

Don’t also hesitate to use the website authority checker for domains that are actually relevant to your website. Of what use is a site relevant when it has a domain authority of zero for instance?

With regard to my domain authority criteria for relevant sites, I disavow any sites scoring 15 and less. This is purely a personal opinion, and its what I use. So please don’t consider this as a standard, because it will surely vary with each individual.

So after putting together your disavow list, what next?

Check out the next section now.



1.3How To Remove Them For Free

Now that you have your .txt file of backlinks that can hurt the SEO of your website ready, it’s time to submit it to Google for execution, using Google’s Disavow Tool.

You will have to open the tool using the link in the previous paragraph, and select your website as shown on the image below:

You will be taken to the following sections where you follow the instructions to submit your .txt file:

Remember that it took you painful long hours to manually identify those backlinks that are hurting your website SEO. It’s at this level that you have to be fully confident about the list you are preparing to submit.

Those who relied on automated procedures should panic at this level, but having visited each of the links you are about to submit, you are pretty sure of what you are doing.

So just click on ”Disavow Links” and move to the next phase as shown on the image below:

Step 1 on the image above requires that you choose your .txt file from your computer and upload it.

Once uploaded, you submit, and you will receive a success message like the one you see above.

Please Note:

1 Expect Some Slight Decrease In Traffic

2. Google will disavow links within a period of about 4 days.

3. The monitoring of backlinks is an ongoing process. Don’t think that after submitting your disavow list, you can just sit and relax for the next year. Backlinks are continually being added on a regular basis, so be on top of the game and check out new additions, which you will add to the list Google currently has. Once you find new links to disavow, download the original file Google has, update and upload.




The risks associated with toxic backlinks are very high. So many automated solutions are being created by hungry marketers to help their users spam websites for ranking purposes. If you haven’t yet given your backlinks a second thought, then you should already. This will protect you from spamming machines such as WP Backlink Machine V2.

That said, you need to continually monitor and clean them up for SEO purposes, and if you cannot afford the price of tools that can automate a significant portion of the process, you can do it manually free of charge.


Now that you have learned How To Check For Backlinks Which Are Hurtful To Your SEO And Remove Them For Free, you should continue to monitor your backlinks for malicious sites.

If you want us to discuss the content of this article, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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