Read This First Before Purchasing Clickbank University 2.0==>13 Factors To Consider Before Engaging.

A Clickbank University 2.0 Review - 13 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing




?‍♀️Welcome To My Clickbank University 2.0 Review?

Clickbank University 2.0 is one of the few platforms offering training for both vendors who wish to create their products online and sell, as well as training for beginners who are coming across Affiliate marketing for the first time. This is a perfect blend of resources made available on one single platform alone. Rest assured that such a polyvalent nature does not come without a price. It is for this reason that I’ve decided to publish A Clickbank University 2.0 Review, highlighting 13 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing.


Name Description
Product Name: Clickbank University 2.0
Product Price $47/mo + Upsells
Product Owner Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan
Official Site


Vendor Training Is Best For Experienced Entrepreneurs
Affiliate Marketing Training Is Best For Affiliate Marketing Beginners
Overall Score 6.5/10




Read on to learn more about what Clickbank University 2.0 Is.



You are about to check out A Clickbank University 2.0 Review highlight the 13 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing this affiliate marketing training platform. Continue reading to discover important details revealed only in this comprehensive review below.

Before you dive deep, here are some highlights:

Clickbank University 2.0 really has some good resources to help you make money online, but their upsells have made the course more expensive than desired, and with regards to their affiliate marketing training, not much has been covered on getting traffic to your website. They focus on paid Ads for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube (crash course), which is slightly insufficient from my perspective and from experience online. Perhaps more information has been included in their Advanced Training upsell packages.

This has rendered their Affiliate Marketing training package to appear wanting to a certain degree. For this reason and several others, they score a 6.5/10 as indicated by the table at the beginning of this review.

I must admit that these scores are pretty good as compared to the majority of other courses reviewed by Work With Home Jobs. That’s the main reason why Clickbank University 2.0 is still highly recommended by this site.




Clickbank University 2.0 is a training platform that teaches you how to make money online with Clickbank, either as an affiliate marketer, or a vendor.

Let’s go straight away to understand what the Clickbank University 2.0 training options are. We will proceed to analyze the various components of their main training features, as well as their bonus features, not leaving out the upsells you should expect if you decide to take this course.

Clickbank University 2.0 has 3 main features:


A: Clickbank University 2.0 Course Content

This training provides valuable resources in the following areas:



A1==>How To Become A Vendor

A vendor is someone who is trying to make money online by selling their own product. As a vendor, you can have affiliates promote your own product. However, as a beginner online, creating your own product is not something that you would want to start doing. These vendor courses will provide more value to the established and experienced online marketers.

Vendor Courses Will Include The Following:

Week 1. How everything works – Setup of success

Week 2. Finding Your Perfect Product

Week 3. Creating your Avatar.

All these 3 courses are made available as soon as you signup, but when the training advances, the rest of the courses will be unlocked only when it’s time for you to take the course. This implies that you would have 3 weeks to go through the 3 courses above, and on the 4th week, Course Content Creating And Outsourcing would become automatically activated.

That notwithstanding, if you want to go faster, you can contact support to all the courses to enable you to go faster or to choose your learning preferences. This is just a great initiative by the owners to eradicate the feeling of information overload, which I personally think it’s great.

As I said, you can go faster by making a request with support.

Week 4. Course Content Creation And Outsourcing.

Week 5. Your Perfect Upsell To Maximise Sales

Week 6. High Converting Sales Copy. Here you learn how to create your sales page or video. You learn how to figure out what to tell the customer to convince them to buy.

Week 7. The Easy VSL

Week 8. Finalizing Your Product Via Builder

Week 9. Getting Your Product On Click Bank

Week 10. JV Managing. Involves looking for a partner that can help you out, getting affiliates to promote your product,

Week 11. Split Testing

Week 12. How To Scale Your Product

Bonus. Selling High Ticket Product On Webinars

I love the fact that the above contents are delivered using videos such that the understanding is made even easier.

In addition, there is a possibility to comment below each video in the comments section, making it possible to follow up past comment threads and find answers to some problems you might be having.

It gets even better. A section has been included that allows you to download materials that will help you implement what you have just learned.



A2==>How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

A plethora of courses is also available to help you learn affiliate marketing.

If you are new online, this is the section you should be looking at, as you would not be going through the complicated process of creating your own new products from scratch, and looking for partners and affiliate marketers to promote them.

There is actually good news if you want to start affiliate marketing the easy way: with Clickbank University 2.0, there is no need to get involved in the creation of sales pages, content, or paying to have the website hosted, etc,

In this section, you will be taught how to look for products, promote them and receive commissions in return. The course outline is as follows:

Week 1. Affiliate Marketing With Click Bank

Week 2. Understanding What Affiliate Marketing Is

Week 3. Finding Your Passion

Week 4. The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel

Week 5. Free Free Free Always Over Deliver

Week 6. Writing The Perfect Swipe

Week 7. The Email Blueprint

Week 8. Scaling And Expanding

Week 9. Running Affiliate Promotions




A3==>Motivational Interviews

This is the section where you have the opportunity to get into the minds of the experts, to understand how they make it work online. Here, all (or the majority) of the top-performing Clickbank earners are interviewed.

When I say top earners on the click bank platform, I’m referring to those who have made millions selling on this platform in diverse niches. They have been interviewed and assembled in this section for reference. I’m talking about popular names such as Jim Yang on Testing and Perseverance, Demetrius on Launching and Optimizing, John Crestani on Internet Jetset, etc.




Traffic was treated differently from the other affiliate marketing courses. It’s undoubtedly a fundamental part of your affiliate marketing business, as this is where your sales would be coming from.

Driving traffic to your affiliate link is a very difficult thing to do, and you need solid training to make that happen. It is one of the biggest troubles that affiliate marketers face online, and this is why traffic has been dealt with separately.

You will be learning how to get traffic from Facebook and Instagram, which are two of the most popular social media platforms.



B: CBU Forum

This forum is restricted only to the students taking this course. You need to be a member to get access to it. Both questions and tutorials are posted on the forum, and anyone having answers or reactions to anything posted will simply do so by responding.

You also have the opportunity of getting your questions answered directly by the staff of Clickbank itself.

This is a great asset for any internet marketing training platform.


C: CBU 2.0 Live Q & A

There are moments where you would love to hear from the owners themselves, besides interacting actively within the Clickbank forum. That’s when the Live Q & A comes into play.

Live Q & A webinars are organized on a weekly basis. It’s a live video, a 1-on-1 interaction, during which participants have the possibility to ask questions directly to Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, by using the activated comments section below the live video. It’s a great opportunity to have all your questions raised throughout the entire leaning process, answered by the pros themselves.





A YouTube Ads Crash Course

You get to learn how to use YouTube to maximize sales.

B The Official Copywriting Guide

This guide will teach you how to make a great title, a great converting text ad, which captivates the reader from the word go, and has them glued to your content right to the very end.

The skill acquired here will enable you to visually optimize your titles so that whoever views it, will only want to click on it. This will completely solve the problem of having very high impressions, with low click-through rates.



The initial price of the product is $47/mo, followed by 2 upsells and downsell depending on the training you are pursuing.


2.1. Affiliate Marketing Training

If you are taking the affiliate marketing training course, this is how your upsell and downsell would look like:

A Clickbank University 2.0 Review - 13 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing


This advanced training targets more traffic sources from the following:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Leveraging YouTube
  • SEO and more

2.2. Vendor Training

A Clickbank University 2.0 Review - 13 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

This builder is an accessory to the vendor training program, to help them to finalize the building of their new products. The figures you see above really appear to be expensive, but with respect to the upsells practiced by other training programs, it appears to be reasonable.

Besides, the builder is will help you create your own new products. I’ve never created one before, but if a tool is available to facilitate the process, I wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of it.




Having explored this platform, I really felt happy writing up a Clickbank University 2.0 review, in order to draw your attention to the 13 factors to consider before purchasing this product.

These 13 factors have been presented in the form of the PROS and CONS of Clickbank University 2.0.

NOTE: Don’t be surprised if you find some bonus points actually included.?

3.1PROS Of Clickbank University 2.0


1 The Use Of Videos

Every lesson is delivered through highly engaging videos, that allow you the possibility to download materials to aid with the practical implementation, use the comments thread below each video to ask questions and interact with other students

2 Training Is Available For Both Affiliate Marketers And Vendors

This platform does not only provide training for affiliate marketers. A good stock of training materials is available for those who want to become vendors as well. They take you through the process of identifying your perfect product, to launching your product on Clickbank and scaling it as well.

3 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is reasonable enough, as it gives you ample time to explore and make an informed decision about whether this training platform is meant for you.

4 Active Forum

A forum is available and accessible only to members. It provides a platform where students can ask questions related to the training, and questions are made available to every member of the forum, giving them the opportunity to provide answers as well. Another great feature with their forum is that CBU staff members interact here to solving problems. In addition, tutorials also get uploaded for the benefit of everyone. It’s obvious that this community is very active.

5 Weekly Live Q & A Session

live Q & A sections are organized on a weekly basis. Another great opportunity to ask questions directly and live, and to interact with other members participating at the seminar at the same time.

6 Free Motivational Interviews

Members equally have access to Motivational Interviews, free of charge, unlike other platforms that will charge extra only to grant you access to watch those old videos, which they refer to them as ”case studies”. I was very impressed to realize that Clickbank Univerisity 2.0 includes all of them free of charge with your package.

7 Step By Step Guide

The courses are organized in such a way as to ensure that you take them progressively. Not all the courses will be made available to you. The next lesson becomes automatically activated once the previous lesson has been completed, within the required period. This strategy is implemented to avoid information overload.

However, you can request support to automatically activate all your courses if you want to go at a much faster rate.

8 The Affiliate Marketing Approach Here Is Relatively Easy

The strategies implemented by Clickbank University 2.0 do not require that you create sales pages or create content, neither do they require you to create websites and host them somewhere.

This is probably one of the reasons that will make it possible to earn your first commissions as an affiliate marketer even faster.



3.2CONS Of Clickbank University 2.0



9 Nothing About Websites For Affiliate Marketers?

This course teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer without a website.

Looking at the course outline, there is nothing about how to set up your website, creating content, etc…I cannot stress the importance enough, of using your very own website to promote your very own products. It becomes your personal property, and an intellectual asset that only appreciates with time. Having a website for your affiliate marketing business means you have the possibility to sell it later at a juicy amount.

For this reason, this course would be excellent for promoting mostly Clickbank products alone. Promoting Amazon products, for instance, will not be possible because you would need a website for that purpose. If you are interested in learning everything you need to know about building your very own affiliate marketing website, CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

10 Only Instagram And Facebook Traffic Sources

I wonder why only Instagram and Facebook have been targeted as the main sources of traffic. This is probably because the most preponderant method taught by Clickbank University 2.0 is how to get traffic through paid ads.

While using paid ads could bring fast results if properly implemented, this method of gaining traffic would obviously turn out to be very costly in the long run, especially for the beginner.

I guess paid traffic is the most effective way to promote Clickbank products, but it’s one that is shortlived for the beginner, simply because it is insanely expensive to run them for a very long period of time.

If you have the budget, then go for Clickbank University 2.0 by all means. But if you have stringent budgetary constraints, then I’d rather recommend that you check out a relatively less expensive affiliate marketing resources here. 

11 Little Information About How To Acquire Free Traffic

I found little or no information on how to capitalize on the free traffic out there. Nothing about uncle Google, the boss of all search engines? What about Pinterest and the others?

Learning how to acquire free organic traffic is the only way to remain in business for long. That I can guarantee you. This point kinda corroborates the one above. Since the entire business model is dependent on paid ads, it simply means that there wouldn’t be any need to learn much about free traffic.

12 Risk Of The Presence Of Outdated Information

Using videos is a very effective method for delivering content, but here is the thing. If these videos are not updated regularly, that could be dangerous. I couldn’t find a tool/feature that ensures that video content is updated consistently. This risk would have been mitigated by the Live Q & A sessions, except that these are only exchanges.

Had it been that there were live webinars organized every week (or perhaps there’s an upsell product that covers this-THE LIVE CLICKBANK EVENTS), to tackle particular topics related to both Affiliate Marketers and Vendors, then my confidence level with regards to updated courses would have been 100%.

Unfortunately, live classes are not available, which are completely different from live Q & A sessions. You might want to check this out before you engage in full time.

13 The dreaded upsell is practiced here

If you are taking the affiliate marketing program, be expecting some upsells advertisements, likewise the vendor training, with the latter being more expensive than the former.

14 Important Tools Are Not Included Free Of Charge For Vendor Training

In order to effectively create and promote their products, vendors would need a lot of marketing tools, such as quality websites and hosting, free keyword tool to run their campaigns, website builders to make the task easy, and so much more.

The only tool which could have really been of great use to them is the Clickbank builder, which unfortunately is an upsell at $594! And that’s excluding the cost of website hosting.

If we have to make a rough estimate of what vendors would need to budget for, during the first year, if they consider using Clickbank University 2.0 to build their products, it would be something like this:

==> CBU 2.0 Fee – $47/mo X 12 months = $564 PLUS

==> Clickbank Builder, One Time Payment – $594 PLUS

==> Quality WordPress Hosting (Full Package-Speed, SSL, Website Security, Keyword Tool, etc)$359/Yr 


So be prepared if you are willing to give Clickbank University 2.0 a shot.








The main problem I have with the Clickbank University 2.0 is that they teach short-term methods of affiliate marketing, requiring you to continuously pay for Facebook and Instagram Ads to generate traffic. I don’t still understand why the king of all search engines, Google, was left out.

Anyway, paying for ads is an affiliate marketing model that also works very well and pretty fast, provided your pockets are loaded with the appropriate cash resources right from the beginning.

That’s why their overall score is 6.5/10 as this platform really offers a wealth of information, as compared to the others I’ve had the chance to review. That said:


I hope you found my review informative. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need more clarifications with regards to the contents of my Clickbank University 2.0 Review.

✌✌Thanks for reading.✌✌


6 thoughts on “Read This First Before Purchasing Clickbank University 2.0==>13 Factors To Consider Before Engaging.”

  1. I agree with you fully when you say that Clickbank University only teaches you how to make sales by spending money.

    I was a member there for two months. OK, I did learn a lot, but there were lots of up-sells and they make you think that if you don’t have them you won’t succeed.  I also didn’t like that they encouraged you to spend lots of money on ads rather than building a website, which is more sustainable in the long run and enables you to get organic traffic over time.

    On the good side, the training is easy to follow and the video presentations are well put together and well thought out.

    1. Thanks a lot for this valuable contribution. 

      I’m really happy to hear from someone who has actually used their training resources. I was equally impressed with the fact that they provide training for both vendors and affiliate marketers.

      Like I mentioned in my review, their upsells have made their courses more expensive especially for inexperienced newbies, and also the fact that they focus on paid ads, which is not really a sustainable way of doing business online.

      Overall they are OK. This course is actually one of the few that merited my above average scoring. They offer quite a lot as opposed to their potential scam counterparts.

      Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. Chrissie Spurgeon

    Hi Alieh

    Many thanks for your review of Clickbank University.

    I have come across that before, but I have never ben tempted by it due to its high price label and, as you say, the inferior train which it offers.

    Far better to go to your recommended training platform,Wealthy Affiliate, which really does offer superb training and is completely free to look around at the point of entry. I. like you, was lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliate, and I would never for a heartbeat think of going anywhere else! It has all the training anyone could ever need, without an excessive price tag.

    Many thanks for your post

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hello Chrissie,

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and corroborating my recommendation with regards to the best training for affiliate marketing.

      When I was searching for the best way to learn how to make money online, I feel very blessed not to have been preyed upon by mediocre training platforms. Wealthy Affiliate was the first I found, and seriously, the thought of leaving Wealthy Affiliate has never ever crossed my mind. The owners continue to improve the platforms without charging an extra cent.

      Recently they added free SSL Certificates for those using the free websites, so that they too could feel secure online, but nothing was asked in return.

      With their ABSOLUTE ZERO UPSELLS policy, building your business with Wealthy Affiliate is so much fun.

      Thanks for stopping by Chrissie, I really appreciate it.

  3. This was a really good and detailed review of Clickbank University 2.0.  Seems like a lot of money to invest just to learn the basics of affiliate marketing but without the addition of SEO and website development and contend creation which is the foundation of having an online business.  I think that even with Youtube videos and facebook pages, most people still have a website in order to have a credible business.  But, I guess people still see Clinkbank as an online authority, and are willing to spend the money taking their course.  I personally prefer Wealthy Affiliate where they teach you the foundations of web creation and SEO!

    1. Hi Nicki, 

      Their upsells is what really brings down the quality of this training platform. These training platforms should start teaching prospects on how to run a fully operational business online, instead of focusing on paid ads all the time. Almost every training platform is teaching only paid ads. I’ve never really understood this.

      I’m really fortunate to have stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate that teaches all. 

      I guess you are right about their authority. That’s why I scored them well because they do have good training resources though.

      But I prefer to stick with Wealthy Affiliate too. They are ALL INCLUSIVE, providing paid advertisement training as well as high quality WordPress hosting and websites for free.

      No other platform is yet to stand a chance to compete with the resources Wealthy Affiliate offers, as compared to the price they charge.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

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