3rd Report ==> The 2nd Self-Evaluation Made On My Website



What To Expect In This Third Report...

Before we get into the details, I want to assure you that I haven’t forgotten about the review points made by my mentor on my website. I’m still trying to help you connect the dots from the very beginning because had not been for all the work I put in before the external review was made, the results would have been very embarrassing.

In this second self-evaluation report, you will discover the major changes I implemented on my website, with the significant modifications still related to the design of my website.






Timing Of My Second Self-Evaluation

I was very busy learning how to create content for my website for the next five months (January to May 2018), and I really sucked at it. Not only was I terribly slow, it seems I had so much to write about, and it made me confused most of the time.

I had been creating content for five months, and neither getting any traffic nor really convinced of what I was doing. I felt stressed up, and seriously, I didn’t quite enjoy the content creation process.

So I went back to my online business community where I’m working alongside with 1.4 million others, and started asking questions, seeking for help, searching the community for any relevant information, and after several days of searching, I stumbled acrossĀ one blog post in the community (that of my mentor, this is when I met her for the first time), which gave me the breakthrough I was looking for.

This is what I figured out after reading her blog post:





Findings Of My Second Self-Evaluation

My mentor’s blog post shed light on one major thing:


–>My niche was too broard


And the light bulb came on immediately. No wonder I was often very confused about what to write. I had been working on 4 different related niches at the same time. All of them are intimately linked to each other, I thought I could tackle all of them at once. Well, I was completely wrong. My mentor was successful because she had targeted one niche, and was nailing it, I had to do the same.

If I really loved the other niches, I would have to finish with one first, before moving onto to the next.





First Action Taken

It was time to refocus on my website. I had to redesign it to target only one niche, so I carried out the following changes:


==> I Restructured My CategoriesĀ 


I had all my blog posts about all my niches mixed up together. Having discovered that they did not belong to one single niche, I had to separate all my posts, using different categories, and then focus only on one of them in the meantime.

When I’m done with exploiting all the possible topics in that niche, I would then proceed to the next niche and so on and so forth. It sounded like a good idea.





To Conclude...

I was comfortable one more time for the next one month. But this time around, I had my eyes permanently fixed on successful competitors. I wasn’t going to let any important information pass me by this time around.

And so for the next one month, I was building content, until I stumbled across the website of a competitor which left me breathless.






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